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How You Get Tons Of Traffic From Pinterest

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How You Get Traffic From Pinterest

First of all really sorry for poor English i am not good in English.

Make Board to your relevant niche for example if you submit pins of Jewelry then make a board like this.

1000 Ideas of Fashion Jewelry
1000 Designs Of Women Jewelry
1000 Ideas Of Contemporary Jewelry

In each board have a child category by the name of Collection” make A Board by the name of 1000 Ideas of Fashion Jewelry or in board make different collections boards like this Ring, Bracelet, Necklace, Fashion Jewelry, Gold Jewelry, or something else.

0: Also Use Business account

1: Pins consistently

2: Provide 20 words description of your Pins

3: If you share your affiliate products or sold something else then provide Price in pins before description

4: Also use related #tags after description

5: If your pin related to specific country then use related #tags like this #pakistanibridaldress #indianLehenga #BuyfrenchJewelry like something that.

6: Repins your rich pins those showing in Pinterest analytics

7: An Example: Search Diamond Wedding Ring in Pinterest, or repins some top result pins in your Jewelry board these provide a kind of link juice to your desired board but keep in mind post 90% of your websites pins or 10% others search result pins.

8: Make multiple boards

With this simple strategy I get up to 60% of traffic on my website from one of my pinterest profile or have 1 Million unique viewers in a month or getting allot of follower for my profile. But keep in mind I am not here in a days or months I got this in one and half years.

Here is example how I pin a product on pinterest.
Product: Bridal Shoe With Matched Purse

I set description like this.

US $135.99
Women Wedding shoe with matching bags bride High heels Pumps fashion Platform shoes woman party dress shoes at best price.
#shoes #weddingshoes #bridalshoes #partyshoe #highheel #highheelshoes#womenshoes #shoesandbag #shoesandpurse

Remember me in prayers i learn lot of new things from this group so first time share something for #BFF #Happyblogging proof is here.


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